green gun powder

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Ingredients:  curry leaf, lentils, white sesame seed, dried red chili, cumin seed, tamarind, asafoetida (GF), kosher salt
Heat: ☆☆☆

What is Gun Powder?

[guhn-pou-der], noun.

1. An explosive mixture.

2. Also known as podi [puh-dee], a powder made up of various spices, chilies and lentils.

Eaten like a chutney. Found in the southern region of India.


 At the restaurant we serve our gun powders as an extra condiment, eaten similar to a chutney with many of our tiffin foods. Our gun powders come served with a small amount of unrefined sesame oil which is meant to be mixed in with the gun powder to create a paste-like consistency.


 Also yummy with:

  • eggs
  • popcorn
  • mixed into steamed rice
  • added to a sauté
  • dry rub for meat & vegetables

& so much more!

*Please note we make our gun powders in our restaurant, where we do process a variety of nuts and a few wheat products.
*We make gun powders to order which may effect shipping times.