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Frequently asked questions

Yes, and proud of it! All of our products are non-GMO verified by The Non-GMO Project.

Many of our ingredients are organic and are listed as such on the ingredients list, but we are not certified organic by the USDA.

Quality, care and ingredient transparency is a top priority to us. Please email us if you have any further questions pertaining to the ingredients we use.

The ingredients we use in all our products are gluten free. However, our products are made in a facility that processes wheat.

The ingredients we use in all our products are nut free. However, our products are made in a facility that processes nuts.

Yes! Please note our products are processed in a facility that processes dairy, meat, and fish.

Yes! We only use organic unrefined sesame oil in all our pickles. Please note our pickles are made in a facility that processes soy.

Like all condiments, don't wait around to finish it! Don't worry, there is always more where that came from! But if you must savor your pickle for longer, always handle your pickle with clean utensils and keep it refrigerated after opening. Indian pickles have a great shelf life if cared for properly.

YES! For quality, shelf-life and food safety please refrigerate your pickle once opened.

If sealed, a jar will maintain its optimal quality of freshness, taste and texture until the Best By date stamped on the jar.

It's the ginger root! Ginger is naturally fibrous, and we use only fresh ginger in our pickles! When it is cut, you can see the fibrous texture.

Indian pickles are made using oil and spices to help preserve the ingredients. The oil we use is a high quality unrefined organic sesame oil, and in the process of making our pickles the oil naturally separates. You can simply re-incorporate it back into your pickle by stirring or use as a finishing oil to add a burst of flavor to anything you decide to add it to!

We have a link to our Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page, but here is a quick summary!

We do NOT sell your personal information! We use your personal information only to provide our services to you, which include: offering products for sale, processing payments, shipping and fulfillment of your order.

We provide the content (product and company info) for our online store, and our store is hosted on Shopify Inc. They provide us with the online e-commerce platform (ie: Point of Sale processing) that allows us to sell our products to you. You can read more about how Shopify uses your Personal Information here:


Not at this time, but send us a message and we can see if there is a way we can make it happen!

We process all orders within 2-3 business days, and from there the shipping time depends on the carrier and delivery location.

We do not accept product returns, because our products are perishable items. However, if your order is incorrect or damaged, please email us at and we will do what we can to make it right!